PLEASE NOTE: Accommodation is for delegate’s own arrangement and payment
We recommend that you book your accommodation as soon as possible as Stellenbosch is a popular tourist destination.

Recommended accommodation options:
Please contact the Guest House or Hotel directly

Accommodation within walking distance from STIAS (view map here)
Bonne Esperance Guest House
Tel: +27 (0) 21 887 0225/6
Caledon Villa
Tel: +27 (0) 21 883 8912
Fynbos Villa Guest House
Tel: +27 (0) 21 883 8670

Also visit to view other accommodation close to STIAS (view map here)

Other accommodation in Stellenbosch:
Oude Werf Hotel
Tel: +27 (0) 21 887 4608
Eendracht Village Hotel
Tel: +27 (0) 21 883 8843
Stellenbosch Hotel Tel: +27 (0) 21 883 8843

For further accommodation options
please contact the Stellenbosch Tourism Bureau on

T: +27 (21) 883 3584

or visit the website for a list of guesthouses / hotels on

WARNING – SCAM ALERT: Exhibitor Housing Services (EHS), Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM) & Business Travel Management (BTM)

Note to conference delegates: Please read the warning regarding a fraudulent travel and hotel booking scheme. All accommodation bookings should be made directly through the conference hotel(s), using the accommodation booking link on the website where specified.

We have learned that a third-party companies, Exhibitor Housing Services (EHS), also operating under the name Exhibitor Housing Management (EHM) and Business Travel Management (BTM), are targeting StellenCoA conference speakers and attendees with a fraudulent travel and hotel booking scheme. The company is calling and/or emailing conference speakers and attendees and falsely claiming it is the “official” housing bureau and/or authorized by the conference to book hotel and/or travel accommodations for the conference. This is entirely FALSE. StellenCoA 2018 is not affiliated in any way with EHS, EHM or BTM.

The company makes a number of FALSE and FRAUDLENT claims about the conference designed to obtain your credit card information, including:

  • There are issues with your hotel reservation for the conference;
  • The hotel room rate for the conference has increased and/or rooms are running out and must be booked with EHS/EHM/BTM as soon as possible;
  • Hotel rooms for the conference can only be booked through EHS/EHM/BTM ;
  • That EHS/EHM/BTM can get you a cheaper room rate than the conference organizers; or
  • Hotel rooms for the conference are sold out and that they can help find you alternatives hotels.

Please be aware that this is a SCAM designed to obtain your credit card information and/or make phony charges to your credit card. Please exercise extreme caution when contacted by EHS/EHM/BTM . Their representatives are extremely pushy and prodding. We recommend that you do NOT give this company your credit card number, personal information, or any details about your hotel reservation. Additionally, the hotel room reservations are never made and the attendees are left without hotel reservations for the conference.

In the event that StellenCoA 2018 contracts with ANY outside company, we will provide you that information DIRECTLY. If you receive a phone call from EHS/EHM/BTM or an e-mail sent from, please forward the information to